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10% of new customers paid £111 for buildings and contents combined cover, between 1st December 2023 and 31st March 2024. Excludes optional extras and premium finance. Premiums are based on individual circumstances.

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Your home, wheels or no wheels, protected.

Whether you’re looking for caravan or motorhome insurance to cover the home you take on the road, or home insurance that protects the one you come back to after you’ve finished exploring, we know that home insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. Whichever type of home you’re looking to cover, we offer a range of policies to choose from. Drawing on 30 years of experience providing caravan and motorhome insurance, we’re here to help you find home insurance that’s right for you. 

What is Home Insurance, and how does it work?

Home Insurance can protect your home and possessions when the unexpected happens, as well as cover you against damage and loss due to things like fires, floods, and storms. When selecting your policy, you can choose from 3 types of Home Insurance; Combined, Buildings only, or Contents only, and 3 levels of cover, depending on your protection needs.

With a combined Home and Contents Insurance policy through Safeguard, your home will be covered both externally and internally, making it the highest level of protection that we can offer. Depending on what your needs are, our combined policy could work out to be cheaper and more convenient, and it will cover both buildings and contents under one simple Home Insurance policy. Alternatively, you can choose an insurance policy which covers just one aspect of your home i.e. Buildings or Contents.

If you own your home or have a mortgage, Buildings Insurance covers what will likely be the most expensive thing you own, so it's a great idea to protect it. Contents Insurance covers the things that are in your home, so should the worst happen, you can get back on your feet and replace the things that make your house a home.

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Home Insurance through Safeguard in detail

Our combined Home Insurance includes Buildings and Contents Insurance under one simple policy. Choose from 3 levels of cover, please refer to policy wordings for exact cover. 






Choose a buildings sum insured to meet your needs

£500,000 to £1.5million

Choose a contents sum insured to meet your needs

£50,000 to £100,000

Accidental Damage




Home Emergency




Alternative accommodation cover and loss of rent 




Homeowner's Legal Responsibilities £1 million£2 million£2 million

Lost or stolen keys




Freezer contents




Finding and accessing leaks in the home




Money in the home



Theft from outbuildings



Contents in the garden



Business equipment



Legal Protection




Matching sets cover


Student belongings


Personal Accident



Policy documents

Policy wording (PDF - 704 KB)


Policy wording (PDF - 779 KB)
Policy wording (PDF - 729 KB)

What’s covered with Buildings Insurance?

Buildings Insurance covers the cost of repairing the physical structure of your property. Think everything from your walls and roof to garages, sheds and fixed items such as your kitchen units and bathroom suite. Even your home's décor can be covered. Should the worst happen, such as a fire or a flood, and your home becomes unliveable, it also provides alternative accommodation whilst repairs are carried out. Buildings Insurance will help protect what will most likely be your biggest investment, your home.

Key benefitsBronzeSilverGold
Maximum sum insured (Choose a limit to suit your needs)£500,000 to £1.5million
Alternative accommodation cover£30,000£50,000£100,000
Accidental DamageOptionalOptional 
Home EmergencyOptionalOptional 
Lost or stolen keys£250£1,000£1,500
Finding and accessing leaks in the home£2,500£5,000£10,000
Property owner's liability£1 million£2 million£2 million
Legal ProtectionOptionalOptional 
Emergency Access Gardens & Buildings   
Matching sets cover   

What’s covered with Contents Insurance?

Contents Insurance covers your possessions in your home if they’re damaged or destroyed by things such as flood, theft, or fire. Think of contents as the things you’d take with you if you moved house, such as your furniture, clothing, kitchen appliances, and electrical devices.

Key benefitsBronze SilverGold
Maximum sum insured (Choose a limit to suit your needs)£50,000 to £100,000
New for old   
Accidental DamageOptionalOptional 
Alternative accommodation cover£10,000£20,000£30,000
Lost or stolen keys£250£1,000£1,500
Personal liability£1 million£2 million£2 million
Tenants liability£5,000£10,000£15,000
Freezer contents£250£500£1,000
Money in the home £250£500
Theft from outbuildings £2,500£5,000
Contents in the garden £1,000£2,500
Business equipment £5,000£10,000
Legal ProtectionOptionalOptional 
Matching sets cover   
Student belongings  £5,000
Personal Accident  £5,000

Our optional extras, explained.

Home Emergency Insurance provides cover for work undertaken by an authorised contractor to resolve a sudden and unforeseen incident in your home. For example, Home Emergency Insurance could come into play when you or someone else is exposed to health risk, or there’s a risk of loss or damage to your home or any of your belongings, making your home uninhabitable.

Examples of home emergencies would include heating and hot water failure, or failed electrics like wiring to immersion heaters/boilers, or bathroom lights breaking.

Legal Protection Insurance provides cover for legal costs, if you were to take legal action in the pursuit or defence in situations such as clinical negligence, employment disputes or claims relating to property issues, to name a few.

Excess Protection, also known as Home Excess Reimbursement Insurance, means you will get repaid the amount of policy excess you have to pay, up to your policy limit, when you make a successful claim under your Home Insurance policy.

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How to make a claim on your Home Insurance

Need to make a claim on your Safeguard Home Insurance policy? We understand that needing to make a claim is stressful, so we’re here to help. We’ve created a simple step-by-step process you can follow.

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Frequently asked questions 

No, you won’t need to take out Buildings Insurance if you rent your home, that would be something the landlord needs to do. However, as a renter, it’s good to consider Contents Insurance to protect what’s yours in your home.

Check your policy wording but things such as:

  • Unoccupied homes, any loss or damage caused by malicious acts, escape of water, theft, or accidental damage when your home will be unoccupied or unfurnished for over 60 days.
  • Any loss or damage caused by deception unless the only deception is gaining entry to the home.
  • Computer viruses that damage laptops and computers.
  • Damp, as it’s seen as a general maintenance requirement of the property.

With our Contents Insurance, the maximum amount that the insurer will pay out per item is £2,000. If you have items like designer handbags, consider telling us as you may need extra cover. These items are referred to as ‘high-risk’.

Buildings Insurance covers the physical structures of your home if they’re damaged and need rebuilding or repairing.

Contents Insurance covers the cost of replacing your belongings in your home if they’re stolen or damaged, think of them as the items you can pick up and take if you moved house.

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