Guide to Caravan Security: Everything you need to know

Campervan security


As more and more people discover the beauty of a caravan holiday, unfortunately, more caravans and motorhomes may be stolen. Whether you’ve got a brand new caravan with all the latest mod cons or you’ve invested in a fixer-upper, it’s important to protect your purchase and look after your caravan and its contents.

It’s estimated that there are currently around 555,000 touring caravans and 225,000 motorhomes in the UK. Due to advances in caravan technology and improvements in construction techniques, caravanning is now a year-round activity. Some caravan parks even have licences to operate all year round.

So whether you’re new to caravanning or are an old timer, our guide to camper and caravan security will help you to keep your home-from-home safe from theft.

Where to store your caravan to keep it safe

Many caravan owners take a break from holidays on the road over the colder winter months. Leaving your caravan unattended during this time leaves it vulnerable to theft so it’s vital that you store your caravan securely.

Driveway security ideas to store your caravan at home

If you decide to store your caravan or camper on the drive at home, you could be opening yourself up to the risk of theft. To keep potential thieves at bay, aim to store the caravan out of sight. It’s also recommended to install locked bollards or gates to ensure that access to your portable home is made more difficult.

Pros and cons of caravan driveway storage



No storage feesMay not be legally possible
ConvenienceEyesore complaints from neighbours
Easy to useWill need to invest in home security measures
Easier to maintain 
Freedom to travel when you need 


Keeping your caravan on a storage facility

If storing your caravan on your drive is less than practical, be sure to choose a Caravan Storage Site Owner’s Association (CaSSOA) approved storage site to park your caravan or motorhome whilst it’s not in use.

Many sites will have CCTV, gated entry points, perimeter fencing and alarm systems, so that you can be confident that your caravan is safe.

Pros and cons of caravan storage parks 



Secure compoundAnnual cost
CCTV monitoredMay not have flexible access to your caravan
Doesn't have to be stored at homeWill need to invest in home security measures
Potential for cheaper caravan insurance 


Security precautions for your caravan

Many caravan insurers will require that you add theft prevention devices to your caravan in order to be insured. But as well as this, these methods will act as a fantastic deterrent to opportunistic thieves.

Hitch locks

These locks cover the hitch and make it almost impossible for your caravan to be towed — giving you piece of mind. Choose a hitch lock that has a Sold Secure guarantee and that fits your hitch well, as they are more difficult to tamper with.

Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps lock your wheels in place so that they can’t be moved. They can also be used to keep your caravan from rolling away if it’s placed on an incline — whether that’s on a driveway or a caravan storage park. Be sure to pick one that fits an accurate tyre size of your caravan.


A caravan alarm will sound if somebody tries to gain entry to your trailer, drawing attention to the burglary.

As well as protecting your caravan’s contents, it’s also possible to have a movement monitor alarm and tilt sensor that will alert you if a thief attempts to drive off with your caravan.

Modern day technologies allow alarm systems to send instant messages to your mobile phone, to keep you in-the-know at all times.

Tracking devices

Caravan trackers offer peace of mind: allowing you to locate, monitor and retrieve your caravan in the event that it is stolen. Often connected to an alarm system or a separate battery source, you could be required to pay a subscription either monthly or annually in order to keep your caravan protected. If your caravan is moved unusually, you’ll receive an alert from the tracking device company so that you can investigate further.

The trackers are also easy to set up. Simply download the corresponding app onto your mobile phone, connect the tracker using your serial number and security token, and register the device. You may also be asked to upload a picture of your caravan too.

Forensic protection

It’s also possible to security mark your caravan with a forensic marker. These liquids are completely transparent but each contains a unique forensic code that means it is always linked to its owner. This forensic liquid is virtually impossible to remove and can be used across different parts of the caravan. Then, mark your trailer with a sticker to deter potential thieves.

Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme

The Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme (CRiS) helps to prevent and deter crime in caravans. It is a national register of UK touring caravanners, similar to the DVLA. CRiS registration is important because it proves you are the registered keeper — it links your caravan’s unique 17-digit VIN number to your CRiS keeper record.

Keep your caravan safe

So wherever you decide to store your caravan, whether that’s at home on your driveway, in a caravan storage park or somewhere else altogether, be sure to make use of security precautions to deter potential thieves.

Whilst you’re at it, make sure that you have a comprehensive Caravan Insurance policy to ensure that your purchase is protected.