12 Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are amidst the annual panic of trying to think of a gift other than the conventional cosmetics, socks and gloves to treat our loved ones. In the spirit of Christmas, we’re giving you a helping hand with our list of 12 creative and unconventional Christmas present ideas for caravan, campervan and motorhome owners.

From £5 instant hand warmers, to a £400 inflatable kayak, we hope you’ll find something to ease the gift shopping stress. Prices correct at the time of publishing but are subject to change.

1. Caravan Birdhouse - £16.95

This quirky, vintage caravan-shaped birdhouse would make a great gift for those who equally love spending time in their garden and in their caravan. Buy it online here.


2. VW Campervan Tent - £299.95

Whether you’re a festival goer, or the caravan is having a weekend off, these novel tents will be sure to turn heads. We first spotted these gems at Busfest last year, and we just had to share them with you. Available in red, blue and orange, these easy to assemble, four man waterproof tents have two inner sections and stand at close to 6ft tall, making them practical as well as stylish. Buy it online here.


3. Gumotex Twist N2 - £407.15

This Gumotex inflatable kayak would make an amazing present for that loved one who has a strong sense of adventure with the added benefit of it being a tandem so there are lots of reciprocal benefits to be had with this purchase.

Although not the cheapest out there, Gumotex has a fantastic 60 year legacy of producing high quality boats. Hand-built using a unique Nitrilion material, this inflatable is incredibly light (a mere 11kg) and abrasion resistant, making it much more durable than cheaper alternatives.

The Twist N2 can easily fold down into a backpack and be whisked away to explore tranquil rivers and lakes, or taken out for a quiet day at the beach; just be sure to do your research on where is safe or permitted to kayak. Buy it online here.


4. Swiss Army Knife RangerGrip 74 - £74.99

Trying to think of the perfect present for the aspiring Bear Grylls in your life? There’s just something about a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife that’s so very appealing.

Ranging from the mini series that start at around £8 up to the SwissChamp XAVT at around £380, there’s one for every budget and taste.

One that stands out for us is the RangerGrip 74: a larger, robust tool designed to handle more heavy duty tasks than that of a standard Swiss Army knife, perfect for those common hurdles and quick fixes we have to make on site. Included in this model is a 3.9 inch surgical steel cutting blade, can opener, wire strippers, nut wrench, corkscrew, needle nose pliers and more. Buy it online here. 


5. Lego Creator Volkswagen T1 Camper Van - £84.99

The iconic VW Campervan is given the Lego treatment and comes complete with pop up roof, folding dinette, lava lamp, air intakes, 11 windows, and rear opening doors revealing the authentic air-cooled flat four cylinder boxer engine.

This gem is part of the Lego Creator Expert series and isn’t a model for the faint-hearted. If you’re buying for children please note it’s recommended for 16+, but let’s be honest here, this will most likely be a present for yourself, and we don’t blame you one bit. Buy it online here.  


6. Maglite Limited Edition Rose Solitaire Torch - £26.95

Maglite torches are highly regarded and a welcome addition under any tree this Christmas, but for those who like their torches with a side of elegance, let us introduce you to the Limited Edition Rose Gold Solitaire. Expect the usual build quality, classic design and high intensity light beam of 47 lumens all wrapped up in a waterproof aluminium alloy case weighing just 24 grams. Buy it online here.


7. The Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel - £6.99 - £12.99

Ok, so towels may not seem like the most glamorous of Christmas gifts, but if you don’t receive the immediate hit of gratitude on Christmas Day, you will once they’ve used the Bodhi Microfibre Towel, and here’s why.

Taking normal household towels with you in your motorhome or caravan can take up a lot of space, and they can take an age to dry before going that awful musty smell. These microfibre towels are the perfect solution as they are quick drying, light and extremely absorbent. They’ll even double as a great gym or beach towel! If you’re not convinced, check out the reviews. Buy them online here.


8. AUKEY USB-C PowerBank 20000mAh - £39.99

Has your phone ever died on a campsite with no power supply? Ever turned on your MP3 player just before a hike to find out you forgot to charge it? This AUKEY PowerBank may be the answer to your problems! Simply charge the bank before travelling and the substantial 20000mAh of power can charge the latest phones up to four times, with four separate inputs. For additional convenience, it can be recharged using almost any cable, including standard USB, lightning input and USB-C.

You never need to worry about your phone, sat-nav, camera, laptop or tablet running out of juice again.


9. Articulate: The Fast Talking Description Game - £14.99

You’re stuck in the caravan because it’s raining like it’s never rained before, but you’ve got a good supply of wine and your close family around you. But what’s missing? Some nice board game orientated fun!

One of the very best of them all is Articulate; a game with a simple premise but great fun for all the family. Each member (from 4-20 players) has 30 seconds to describe what’s on their card without saying ‘rhymes with’ or ‘sounds like’, so that the other members on their team can guess it. Start the timer, embrace the pressure and let the good old-fashioned hysterical laughter flow. Buy it online here.


10. Hot Hands Instant Hand Warmers. Six Pairs - £5.30

We all have that friend or family member who complains about being cold. Give them the gift of warmth this Christmas with the perfect stocking filler. Particularly great for outdoor activities, they’re so good they’re even used by the GB Children’s Ski Team! Simply open them up, slip them inside your gloves and for up to 10 hours your hands will be toasty. Buy them online here.


11. Sony WH-1000XM2 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones - £349.99

The family are set on watching Strictly sat around the caravan table, the volume is cranked up and your stress levels begin to rise. These Sony headphones are your saviour! Not only do they offer class-leading sound, they also boast noise cancellation abilities to eliminate external sound entering and restrict noise escaping so you don’t disturb the others.

These What-HiFi Award Winners are wireless with a huge 30 hour playback making them a perfect travelling companion for any avid music fan. Buy them online here.


12. Caravan and Motorhome Owners, Travel Journal - £7.95

How often are we taking photo after photo, video after video, which are later stored away somewhere never to be seen again? This journal log specifically designed for caravan and motorhomers allows you to write down your precious memories on the go. It even means you can record aspects of sites, such as pitch condition, facilities and rating. With six individual designs to choose from, this would make a charming gift for those who want to record their travels for planning and reflections.