Maintenance checklist for homeowners

You’ve just bought a house, congrats! The excitement is building thinking about the years to come, finding a special place for your trinkets, the spontaneous DIY projects and all the memories yet to happen. But it’s important to consider taking care of the house which holds the place we call home.

We’ve created a starting point, something to work with while you get used to your new home:

Maintaining the interior of your home

  • Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Yearly boiler health check, as well as checking the pressure often in months of regular use
  • Bleed radiators before the colder months to make sure they’re in good condition
  • Oil wood worktops to keep them healthy for longer
  • Oil door and window mechanisms to prevent squeaky or broken hinges
  • Check the door and window seals to make sure they’re closing properly
  • Vacuum and clean your carpet often to avoid getting pesky carpet moths
  • Ventilate your bathrooms well, to avoid humidity increasing your chances of developing mould
  • Clean your bathroom ventilator every couple of months to get rid of dust buildup
  • Clean pipes coming from sinks and washing machines, to prevent blockages caused by water waste
  • Check the seals around your baths and sinks, build up of grime can cause serious damage and leaks

Maintaining the exterior of your home

  • Clean your gutters seasonally, leaves can build up and cause blockages in your drain system 
  • Check for any paint that may be peeling on the outside of your home, it’s easier to schedule paint jobs in advance
  • Check your roof after a storm, to spot any damage early on
  • A simple clean up of any garden area in your home will not only look nicer, but will prevent build up of weeds can help keep pests at bay
  • Maintain security of your home by checking on locks, external lights and gates regularly

Prevention is the best tactic

When some time has passed and you’ve gotten used to your new homes needs, a lot of checks and maintenance can become so routine we almost don’t notice we do them. We can start to skip a few checks here and there, “looks fine, so should be alright” - until it’s not. Staying on top of your house maintenance will make future you happy, because current you prevented a major issue by staying on top of your houses upkeep… well done current you!

  • Don’t ignore leaks, waking up with a puddle on your floor can cause a lot of damage
  • Don’t ignore flickering lights, they could be a sign of a bigger problem
  • Maintain your machines, they sometimes need a helping hand to run smoothly
  • Keep your home clean, insects and pests can creep up fast and getting rid of them can be a nightmare

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