10 caravan and motorhome holiday hacks

We recently asked you to share your top holiday hacks for when you’re out and about in your motorhome or caravan.

Here are our favourites...

1. Keep it clean

Always pack a cleaning hamper that includes washing up liquid, tea towels, and anti-bacterial wipes, so you can keep your caravan up to your usual cleaning standard! - Andrea Red

2. Colour-code your awning

When putting up your caravan awning for the first time, mark the poles with coloured stickers or tape. We marked each pole one at a time using the same colour for the poles which fit together, so when we went to build it again we knew that blue fitted into blue, brown into brown, red into red, and so on. It’s made putting our awning up so much easier! - Charlene McConnachie

3. Digitise your documents

Email yourself copies of any important documents or information, such as insurance documents, passport copies, and booking confirmations etc. If you lose or misplace the originals, they’ll be easily accessible on your phone! - Jared Power

4. Keep your cool

Freeze a large carton of orange juice to keep the food cool in your picnic basket – you can drink it too! - Lynn Evans

5. Get rid of stubborn sand

We’ve all struggled to get sand off our feet after a day at the beach, but the solution is simple: Pack some baby powder, shake it on your feet, and brush the sand off with ease! - Karen Weedon

6. Keep your clothes fresh

Wash, dry and iron your holiday clothes a week before you leave. When you’re placing the clothes in the suitcase, place a fragranced tumble dryer sheet between each layer – your clothes will smell so lovely and extra fresh when you arrive at your destination and unpack your suitcase. - Pauline Allison

7. Entertain the kids

For long journeys with the kids, pop to the pound shop to buy some cheap bits and bobs. Wrap them up and give them as gifts to open throughout the journey. The excitement of getting something new and knowing that they might get another keeps them from getting bored! - Amanda Ward

8. Avoid a first aid fiasco

I always put together a mini first aid kit with aspirin, plasters, paracetamol, tweezers, antihistamines, and cream for insect bites etc. If something happens, I’ve got the basics and there’s no racing to find an open shop! - Joanne Young

9. Become a packing pro

If travelling on a multi-centre holiday, I pick out complete outfits, e.g. t-shirt, shorts and underwear, and pack them in individual zip seal bags, removing as much air as possible. This stops me from rummaging through clothes and messing up my suitcase! I make sure that I have one bag per day, then just pull out a bag in the morning and get ready. - Gill Saunders

10. Keep ants at bay

Take chalk with you – ants hate chalk, so it will keep them away from your caravan. Plus, it’ll entertain the kids! - Lisa Mcgreevy