How to take care of an older house

Each home has its quirks, and older homes come with quite the history. While home maintenance is usually the same for most buildings, we’ve listed a few extra things to consider if you’d like to take care of an older building.

1. Keep it dry

If you live in the UK, you’re no stranger to damp weather. It’s an issue we’re all a little too familiar with. But if you own an older house, it may be one you need to pay extra attention to. Reduce the dampness at home and potentially reduce the risk of mould and condensation in the colder months. Some tactics include using a portable de-humidifier, regular ventilation through open windows and disciplined checks of gutter build up.

2. Sweep the chimneys

Older houses often come with beautiful features like fireplaces, some residents prefer to use them, and some prefer not to, but both will need you to take care of the chimneys. Regular chimney sweeps can help prevent the build up of soot and remove bird nesting.

3. Take special care of windows

Window engineering has advanced greatly over the years, with improved designs helping keep the house in better condition internally. Older houses have windows that come with some character, and as charming as they are, they often need a bit of TLC. If your home has older windows, it’s important to see what you can improve in terms of insulation and seals – not just for the aesthetics, but also for warmth and protection.

4. Check on the roof

Roofs can sometimes fall into the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ category for homeowners, until there’s a problem that needs our attention. Older homes can have more vulnerable roofs as they simply have been through more, so checking on them regularly can help you spot any leaks and cracks before they turn into a full renovation job.

5. Inspect the foundation

They say a good home is built on a good foundation, and they’re right. A foundation is expected to have some wear and tear over time, especially in an older house. If you’re not too sure where to start, hiring a professional to take a look will help you locate any cracks, and if they’re a simple patch job or something more serious.

6. Look after the electricals

Your older house may have had some touch ups on the electrical set up, but it is extra important to take care of their condition. An overall health check by an electrician, a regular check up and any re-wiring that needs doing falls on many homeowner’s checklists, but especially those who have chosen a home with a bit of history.

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