Keeping your caravan or motorhome cool



We use our caravans and motorhomes more in the summer, so it makes sense to work out ways to keep cool in temperatures which can soar as high as 30 degrees celsius in full sun. So here are some tips on how to reduce the heat inside your 'home from home'.

Look for a pitch in the shade

Logically, if you can keep your home in the shade for all or part of the day, the sun’s rays will have less of an opportunity to heat the structure and interior. If you are unable to shield from the sun for most of the day, position your home so that it's in shade for the afternoon or evening which will provide shade when the temperature is likely to be at its highest.

If you’re unsure of the direction of the sun when you arrive on site, ask your new neighbours, or alternatively download a sun position app on your phone which will show (through the phone's camera) the path of the sun.

Extend any awnings to shade the walls of the caravan

Keeping the walls of your home cool can reduce the temperature internally by as much as 10 degrees celsius so it’s worth extending any awnings, including free-standing ones, which cast a shade on the home.

Open windows on the shaded side of the caravan

Keep a steady flow of cooler air flowing through your caravan or motorhome by opening windows which are not in full sun, whilst also running any extra roof fans you may have. Windows in full sun should be closed and blinds used to stop the rays entering the home. Film-like deflectors are really effective and can stop up to 80% of the sun’s rays entering.

Air conditioning for caravans and motorhomes

If you have air-con on board obviously you will want to use it economically. You'll need to close all doors and windows for it to be effective, however, as warm air rises, it's a good idea to use your roof extractor fans at the same time to expel it.

On an evening when the outside temperature tends to cool a little, turn off the air-con for a while. Open all doors and windows to let the cooler air circulate through the home, then turn the air-con back on if needed and it'll need less energy to keep the space cool. Be sure to check the air-con filter according to recommendations as a dirty or blocked filter will make the compressor work that much harder.

Plan your cooking

Clearly, using a hotplate or oven in the home is going to significantly increase the ambient temperature, so where possible plan meals with less or no cooking like salads. Consider purchasing equipment which you can use to cook outside such as barbecues, electric grills or frying pans.

Keep hydrated

Our final tip is aimed at the occupant rather than the home itself. Drinking plenty of fluid keeps your body cooler in excessive temperatures. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend tea, coffee or alcohol as all are known to dehydrate. However, cooled fruit juices, soft drinks and just plain water should all have a positive effect.

With a little forethought and advance planning, you can avoid that feeling of being in an oven during the hottest parts of the day. Follow these tips and stay cool this summer.

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