How to keep insects out of your caravan or motorhome



It’s a dilemma. In the warm weather, naturally you want to open windows, doors and fresh air vents to allow the warm air internally to be replaced by cooler external air. It's this very act, however, which signals all manner of insects to welcome themselves into your home from home. With a little planning you can keep most of the beasties at bay without having to resort to chemical sprays and all the implications of breathing in these noxious fumes. Here’s how:

Fly screens and mesh

The first line of defence is to use fly screens at doors and windows. These will keep out a host of flying insects, which are drawn to the internal lighting in your home, especially at night.

Peppermint oil to keep insects out

Diluted peppermint oil works well on deterring insects without killing them. Generally, eight drops per half litre of water mixed as a spray will 'persuade' ants and flies to find other places to lodge. Ants in particular will be deterred from returning for up to one month. If like us, you don't want to kill a spider, merely persuade it not to return, spray it with the oil and you'll have your wish. It's also worth pointing out that peppermint oil is a natural air freshener so it's a double win!

Store food correctly

Ants and flies can locate food from distance so don’t leave anything on the work surfaces or just outside the home which will attract them.

Make sure the bins are closed

Ensure all your waste bins internally and externally have fully closing lids.

Ensure vents are covered

Check all vents and service entry points to your caravan or motorhome to make sure they are well meshed to stop the ingress of insects.

Try a high tech repellent

Consider the use of ultrasonic insect repellents which stay plugged in but require very little electricity to work. These are also effective at deterring rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels.

Clean your caravan thoroughly after use

When you return home from your break, ensure all traces of food and liquids are removed from the caravan or motorhome. Consider leaving a small reservoir of diluted peppermint oil on one of the surfaces to deter insects whilst it's not in use.

With an effective strategy, you should be able to ensure your living space is for humans (and pets) and keep the vast majority of bugs outside where they belong.