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10% of new customers paid £104 for Static or Touring Caravan Insurance cover between 1st December 2023 and 31st March 2024. Excludes optional extras and premium finance. Premiums are based on individual circumstances. 

Choose from a variety of cover options for your touring or static caravan and get a direct quote today.

What is caravan insurance?

Caravan insurance offers you financial protection in the event that something happens to your caravan. 

While it’s not compulsory (unlike motorhome insurance), you may like to consider caravan insurance. Though your car insurance may cover you for third party incidents whilst towing your caravan, it will not cover any damage caused to your caravan. So, if something happens whilst you’re on the road, you could suffer a significant financial loss.

Having caravan insurance also means you can be covered for incidents including thefts, damage (both accidental and malicious), weather-related incidents, and accidents you may be liable for.

Types of caravan insurance

When selecting your caravan insurance, choose a policy that reflects the type of caravan you own, whether that’s a static or a touring caravan. 

If you own a motorhome, learn about our motorhome insurance instead.

What’s the difference between a touring and a static caravan?

The main difference between a static caravan and a touring caravan is that touring caravans can be towed from place to place, while static caravans usually stay in one location (such as a holiday or caravan park). 

Touring and static caravans each come with different advantages and risks, which is why each requires slightly different policies to ensure you’re covered.

Static caravan insurance

Static caravans are permanent structures, sometimes referred to as mobile homes. They’re usually housed on purpose-built sites. 

Static Caravan Insurance through Safeguard may include:

  • Weather damage — Cover against damage caused by adverse weather conditions. Damage caused by flood may be excluded in certain postcodes.

  • Damage caused by paying guests — Protection against accidental damage caused by holiday renters may be available for selection during the quotation process, subject to the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

  • Public liability cover — Protection against claims from anyone who may have injured themselves or damaged their property while in or around your static caravan subject to the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

  • Contents insurance — Your contents and belongings are covered against theft or attempted theft, flood, storm and accidental or malicious damage subject to the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

Touring caravan insurance

Touring caravans make a great alternative to camping and are becoming increasingly popular amongst adventurers young and old, as well as families with young children. Whether you like to keep your touring caravan local or use it to travel around the UK and abroad, Safeguard aims to help keep your vehicle protected from risks such as accidental damage, theft, or weather-related issues.

Touring caravan insurance through Safeguard may include:

  • New for old cover — Replace caravans up to 10 years old that have been damaged, lost or stolen with a new one of equivalent value. You must insure your caravan for its present-day purchase price as new, or its equivalent model.

  • EU cover — Cover to take your touring caravan to the EU is included as standard. 

  • Up to £5m public liability cover — Protection against claims from any accidents you may be involved with while towing your touring caravan. Cover doesn’t include any vehicles being used to tow the caravan.

  • (Optional) Caravan breakdown cover — Available for caravans and trailers with a gross weight of up to 3.5 tonnes.

Why choose Safeguard?

  • Over 30 years insuring — Our experience in caravan insurance means we understand what’s important to our customers.

  • At Safeguard, we specialise in caravans and motorhomes, so you’ll get expert help finding a suitable policy for you.

Getting a quote through Safeguard

Getting a quote for your caravan insurance is easy through Safeguard. You can get a quote online with our three-step process.


Tell us a bit about you

We’ll ask for some details like your name, date of birth, and contact details. We’ll also ask about the caravan you’d like to insure and whether you’ve made any claims in the last few years. 


Tell us about your caravan

Tell us as much about your caravan as possible so that we may try and help you find suitable cover. We’ll ask for things like your caravan’s make, model, and the year it was built. We’ll also want to know about your caravan’s condition, how it’s being used, and what kind of security features it has.


Tell us what cover you need

Tailor your policy by telling us what level of cover you need for your caravan, as well as whether you want to include any optional cover for your caravan contents and ancillary equipment. 

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How you might be able to keep your caravan insurance costs down

Factors that affect your caravan insurance quote include:

  • Make, model, size, and price of the caravan — Much like a car, premium caravan models are expensive to replace compared with more affordable options. Your decision whether to replace the caravan with a brand-new model or for its current market value will also affect the cost of the insurance.

  • Where it’s kept — If you store your caravan in a secure caravan park or dedicated caravan storage facility, you’re likely to get a cheaper quote on your caravan insurance.

  • What security features are in place — Caravans with wheel clamps and hitch locks are more likely to fetch lower insurance quotes. Any additional security features where you store the caravan — such as alarms and surveillance cameras — may help reduce the cost of your quote, too.

  • Your claims history and towing experience- If you have a track record of having insurance for a long time without making any claims or display several years of towing experience, you’re more likely to get a lower quote

Caravan insurance FAQs

General caravan FAQs

While caravan insurance isn’t a legal requirement, most caravan owners see it as a necessity because it protects you from events that happen more often than you might expect. Thousands of caravans in the UK are damaged or stolen each year. With that in mind, it may be worth considering getting your caravan insured so that you’re covered and not left in a financially vulnerable position.

Static caravan FAQs

We aim to help you find Static Caravan Insurance to suit your needs and requirements. The cost of your premium will be subject to the level of cover you take out, the value of your caravan and your claims history, as well as any optional extras you’d like to include (such as contents insurance).

At Safeguard, we understand that you may not use your static caravan all year round. So, if your caravan is unoccupied for over 48 hours between 1st November to 31st March and the water system is turned off, you will still be covered.

Although it is not a requirement to have contents insurance, a Safeguard policy does offer contents cover up to £10,000. It covers loss or damage to contents and personal effects including articles of personal use, clothing, and general household goods contained within your caravan with a single article limit of £500.

Unfortunately, Safeguard does not offer EU cover for static caravans.

Most caravan insurance policies do not allow a static caravan to be used as a permanent home because many local authority laws restrict the number of months in which a static caravan can be continually occupied. Occupation on a leisure site is usually capped at around nine to 10 months. For this reason, Safeguard does not cover static caravans for permanent residency. 

However, Safeguard Park Home Insurance does allow you to insure your park home as your permanent residence. 

Safeguard provides flood cover for static caravans in many areas within the UK. Restrictions will apply within the first seven days of commencement of your policy.

Safeguard Static Caravan Insurance provides hire and reward cover, which is aimed at holiday rentals. Some endorsements may apply, depending on the level of cover selected. For example, if you rent out your caravan for an income and it becomes uninhabitable, you’re covered for loss of rent through your Safeguard policy.

Touring caravan insurance FAQs

The cost of touring caravan insurance depends upon different rating factors such as the number of years with no claims, your towing experience, sums insured (caravan, equipment contents and awning), security and storage. To find out more speak to our friendly insurance team.

Touring caravan insurance is not a legal requirement. Under the Road Traffic Act, you only need insurance whilst towing on the road which should be covered under your car insurance policy (for third party damage only). 

However, having caravan insurance in place can cover you against other types of damage that your car insurance won’t, including fire, theft, vandalism, storm, or flood (except for loss or damage caused by storm or flood to contents/equipment left in the open). 

Touring caravan insurance also covers you for public liability and includes support towards legal fees and compensation payments if a member of the public claims damage to their property or injury in connection with your caravan. 

Yes, you can insure your touring caravan for travelling abroad. Safeguard EU cover is included as standard on Touring Caravan Insurance policies through Safeguard. Our optional EU Breakdown policy covers both your car and your caravan trips so long as they don’t exceed 90 days. It provides vehicle recovery and alternative travel arrangements to get you home if your repair time exceeds eight hours. 

You could also benefit from emergency accommodation costs if repairs to your vehicle take longer than eight hours. Read the full details about Safeguard Caravan Breakdown Cover.

Insuring a touring caravan that’s in storage is not a legal requirement, however some site owners may insist on you having your own insurance for public liability purposes. Depending on where you store your caravan, it may be at risk of accidental damage, theft, flood, or damage to property owned by others or injury to people who are in or around your caravan.

You need to be at least 21 years old to insure a touring caravan through Safeguard.

  • Electronic devices - Items like laptops and phones may need to be covered by a separate contents insurance policy.

  • General wear and tear - While our caravan insurance covers accidental damage, it won’t cover you for damage due to wear and tear or a lack of maintenance.

  • Tyres - While your policy will cover repairs to your touring caravan, it will often exclude damage to tyres. This includes things like punctures, cuts, bursts, and wear from braking. It’s a good idea to replace your caravan’s tyres regularly to ensure you aren’t caught out.

  • Awnings - If you do choose to include Awning cover, please be aware that some policies do not cover weather damage to awnings, so check your policy carefully.

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