Summer Staycation Hotspots

With so much to explore in the UK, it’s no surprise to learn that staycations are booming in 2019. But, what makes the perfect staycation destination?

Here at Safeguard we wanted to understand which destinations are the best in the UK for those last minute summer getaways. To do this we analysed Office for National Statistics (ONS) data to gauge the top towns and cities for tourism and combined this with Instagram data to reveal the most-Instagrammed staycation destinations throughout the UK. We also delved into five years’ worth of weather data across the months of June, July and August to uncover the spots with the best weather predictions for the summer.

Planning your next holiday? Find some inspiration below, and for all you caravan enthusiasts we’ve included ideas for nearby holiday parks.

Hottest Staycation Destinations

The hottest staycation destinations

Summer holidays are all about warm temperatures. When it comes to the highest average temperatures across the summer months, it’s no surprise to the see the south claiming the top spots.

Summer in the city promises warm days in green spaces with London coming out on top as the only location to break the 16°C mark for average temperatures. Whilst the bustling capital may not seem the most obvious choice for a caravan holiday, in addition to access to many hotels there are a good selection of caravan sites that sit within the M25 offering excellent proximity to the city centre whilst also making the most of the great outdoors. Check out the Lee Valley Caravan Park if this sounds like your kind of thing.

driest staycation destinations

The driest staycation destinations

Too often rain can scupper the best laid plans. Picnics in the park can be ruined, sightseeing can be spoiled, and the only attractions to be enjoyed are indoors. A bit of rain really doesn’t help a day on the beach either.

Our list of the top 10 driest staycation destinations should therefore help your choice of location.

Top of the list is the quirky, street art-packed city of Bristol, with as little as 8.42mm of rainfall expected across the summer. The Cornish seaside town of Falmouth looks like a great option for a beach holiday as the fourth driest summer staycation destination, while sightseers in Windsor look likely to benefit from dry conditions, with the royal town coming in fifth on our list. Check out nearby Hurley Riverside Park for a great family run site in perfect proximity to this regal town.

For those planning a trip to the most famous of UK seaside destinations, Blackpool, you’ll be pleased to know (and maybe a little surprised) that it’s the 8th driest of the top tourist destinations in the country.

Sunniest staycation destinations

The sunniest staycation destinations

The sun. It’s so important to a successful staycation. You want it to shine and you want it to do so for as long as possible each and every day.

So, when it comes to sunshine in the UK, where’s the best place to find it? The South Coast, of course. The top four spots in our list are taken up by South Coast seaside resorts with Eastbourne at the top with 273.2 hours of sunshine across the summer.

For those planning a seaside holiday a little further north, you’ll be pleased to know that Scarborough just creeps into our list in tenth spot with 238.2 hours of summer sunshine. Check out the Flower of May Holiday Park if you’re looking for a picturesque site with great amenities.


Top 10 most-Instagrammed staycation destinations

If a destination looks good on Insta, it’s sure to bring in more visitors! Where are the top 10 most-Instagrammed staycation locations in the UK? 


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Remember: Before you set off on your Instagram-inspired travels, make sure your caravan or motorhome is covered by Safeguard.