DNA+ Forensic Protection

You’ll get a free DNA+ kit worth £45 when you take out a motorhome or caravan insurance policy with Safeguard


A single particle of Safeguard DNA+

is all you need to provide irrefutable forensic analysis

At Safeguard, we understand how important it is not just to insure your belongings against theft but to prevent any theft occurring in the first place. 

That’s why you’ll get a free DNA+ forensic protection kit — an innovative new way to deter thieves — whenever you take out a motorhome or caravan insurance policy with Safeguard.

How forensic protection works

We want you to avoid the trouble and stress that theft causes so that you can relax and enjoy your caravan or motorhome. That’s why you’ll get two key components in your DNA+ kit: warning labels and a coding solution. Affix your warning labels to your windows and doors to immediately deter thieves from entering your caravan or motorhome.

Your bottle of Safeguard Forensic Coding combines DNA+ solution with uniquely coded microdots registered exclusively to you. It’s proven by police to be a powerful deterrent to thieves.

The solution is designed to be quick and easy for you to apply. All you need to do is follow the Safeguard DNA+ application instructions and use it on items that thieves would target. 

The benefits of DNA Plus


The greatest worry for any thief is being caught by the police. When thieves see that your belongings are forensically protected, they are less likely to take the risk.


Police actively look for any sign of forensic coding. This means lost or stolen belongings are more likely to be returned. Forensically coded items are irrefutably connected to their owner, making it easy for the police to secure convictions.


Helping to protect you from theft means we can continue to provide you with competitive premiums. Our most important objective is to protect you from the irritation, inconvenience and stress that theft can cause.



What sort of items can I use DNA+ on?

DNA+ is designed so that you can easily apply it to any item that might be at risk of theft.

Will DNA+ damage my possessions?

DNA+ is made with a water-based adhesive, specifically designs to cause no damage to your belongings if applied correctly. The best way to ensure there’s no damage is to follow the application guidelines.

Can DNA+ be used outdoors?

Yes — DNA+ can be used anywhere that you have possessions you want to protect. Please note that DNA+ is a water-based solution, so avoid applying it to outdoor items while it’s raining.

How do I get my DNA+ kit?

Once you have taken out a new policy with Safeguard or renewed an existing one, we will send you your very own unique DNA+ kit. This will be sent to your home address, with instructions on how to use it to protect your caravan from theft. You will receive your pack within two weeks of purchasing your policy.

To learn more about advanced forensic protection, visit www.dnaplus.co.uk/safeguardinsurance.