What is Home Insurance?

Home Insurance is a type of insurance that helps to protect your property and your possessions. There are different policies available for a range of circumstances like theft or fire damage, ensuring that your home and belongings are always covered.

What types of Home Insurance are there?

A home insurance policy will fall into one of three categories:


Contents Insurance

Contents insurance covers all of the items in your home that don’t make up a part of the building itself. These include furniture, clothing, electronics and more. Taking out content insurance prevents you from being hit with a hefty bill to replace your belongings if they are destroyed or stolen.


Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance covers any damage to the physical structure of your home, including damage to areas like the walls, roof and windows. You’ll also be covered for permanent fixtures that can’t be removed, such as fitted kitchens, bathrooms and fitted wardrobes.


Combined Insurance

Combined Insurance allows you to get both Buildings Insurance and Contents Insurance under a single policy. You may be able to save money by choosing a Combined policy with a single provider rather than taking out Contents and Buildings Insurance separately.


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Why choose Safeguard for your Home Insurance?

  • Home Legal Expenses - Comes as standard with our Premier Home Insurance policies and can be added to Classic and Essentials Home Insurance plans.

  • Home Emergency Cover - Can be purchased as an additional extra to your standard Home Insurance policy. Learn more about Home Emergency Cover here.

  • An experienced team - Our insurance specialists are happy to answer all your questions on Live Chat or over the phone.

  • View your documents online - You can quickly and easily make changes or renew your policy using My Account.

  • Separate policies - If you’re not interested in a combined policy, you can choose to take out separate Buildings Insurance and Contents Insurance policies.

  • Customer care - Winner at the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards 2021.

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