Top 10 Tips For Travelling Abroad

If you’ve enjoyed exploring all the stunning sights and fantastic destinations the UK has to offer, why not take your caravan or motorhome on an overseas adventure? If the thought of warmer climates and beautiful beaches has you reaching for your keys, there are a few things you’ll need to consider to ensure you’re safe and legal before you set off to explore pastures new…

1. Pack your driving licence

When driving abroad, you’ll need to take both parts of your licence with you.

2. Check your registration plate

Your registration plate must be an approved design, size and pattern. If you don’t have a GB Euro number plate, you will need to display a GB sticker - failure to do so could result in a fine.

3. Have your documents to hand

As well as your paper driving licence, you will need an MOT certificate if your vehicle is more than three years old, your vehicle registration document, motor insurance document and travel insurance documents.

4. Prepare your vehicle before you go

Doing the basic checks on your vehicle before any long journey is a good idea - things like checking tyre pressure and coolant levels. It’s even more important to do if you’re travelling in a country that you don’t know, as people may not speak the same language.

5. Get a service

To really ensure your vehicle is ready for the road, get your caravan or motorhome serviced. This will mean that it’s in the best possible condition to get you from A to B safely.

6. Maps are vital

While these days we’re more likely to rely on a sat nav to direct us, should anything go wrong with your device, it’s always good to have a back up. So make sure you have a map with you for reference, and plan out your journey beforehand.

7. Create an in-car emergency kit

It’s a good idea to prepare for any situation. So while you’re packing, put together an emergency kit that includes items such as high visibility jackets, a first aid kit, replacement bulbs, warning triangles, and a jack and wheel removal tools.

8. Take a language book

Whether you find yourself lost, or would simply like a recommendation from a local, it always helps to know some key phrases. But if you can’t learn the basics before you go, a language or phrase book will come in handy.

9. Attach beam deflectors

Even if you’re not planning to travel at night, you can’t predict the weather. So should the skies turn dark, or you find yourself doing a spot of night driving, it’s worth investing in beam deflectors, just in case.

10. Learn the rules of the roads

Different countries have different rules for their roads. For example, in Spain you can’t drive in flip-flops and in Italy, you can only park in the direction of the flow of the traffic. So get to know the rules of your destination to make sure you don’t get caught out.

Happy travels!

Last reviewed June 2018