Static Caravan Insurance

We can arrange cover for your static caravan

Your static caravan is probably one of your most significant investments. Unlike Motorhome Insurance, Static Caravan Insurance is not a legal requirement but having it can protect you in a number of ways.


Underwritten by KGM Underwriting Services Limited, Safeguard Static Caravan Insurance includes:

  • Cover against accidental damage and damage caused by adverse weather conditions.
  • Protection against accidental damage caused by holiday renters, subject to terms and conditions of your Safeguard Insurance policy.
  • Public liability cover against claims from anyone who may have injured themselves or lost or damaged their property whilst in or around your static or onsite caravan.
  • With Safeguard, your contents and belongings are covered against theft or attempted theft, flood, storm and accidental or malicious damage.

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How much does Static Caravan Insurance cost?

Your Static Caravan Insurance policy will be created to suit your individual needs and requirements. The cost of your premium will be subject to the level of cover you take out, the value of your caravan and its contents plus your claims history.

What does Static Caravan Insurance cover?

Safeguard Static Caravan Insurance covers your contents and belongings against theft or attempted theft, flood, storm and accidental or malicious damage. Plus, if your static caravan is damaged beyond repair, you’ll be able to replace it with a new one if you've selected that level of cover. (Two levels of cover are available, new for old and market value)

Safeguard Static Caravan Insurance insures the following:

  • Loss or damage to caravan including fixtures and fittings as supplied with the leisure home (eg seating, kitchen, bathroom etc)
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Flood cover (in certain areas)
  • Liability to the public up to £5 million
  • Alternative accommodation or hire of a similar caravan
  • Personal accident cover up to £20,000 for people aged 16 to 70 and £1000 for people aged under 16
  • Freezer cover up to £250 any one period
  • Loss of keys cover up to £250 any one period

If you rely on renting out your static caravan for an income and it becomes uninhabitable, you’re covered for loss of rent with Safeguard, up to 20% of the total sum insured and for no more than 30 days.

Is my static caravan still insured if it’s vacant?

At Safeguard, we understand that you may not use your static caravan all year round, so, if your caravan is unoccupied for over 48 hours between 1st November to 31st March and the water system is turned off, you will still be covered.

Do I need Contents Insurance for my static caravan?

Although it is not a requirement to have Contents Insurance, a Safeguard policy does offer contents cover up to £10,000 which covers loss or damage to contents and personal effects including articles of personal use, clothing, luggage and general household goods contained within your caravan with a single article limit of £500.

Can I insure a static caravan in the EU?

Unfortunately, Safeguard does not offer EU cover for static caravans.

Can I insure my static caravan as my permanent residence?

Most Caravan Insurance policies do not allow a static caravan to be used as a permanent home due to local authority laws restricting the number of months in which a static caravan can be continually occupied. Occupation on a leisure site is usually capped at around nine to 10 months. For this reason, Safeguard does not cover static caravans for permanent residency.

Safeguard Park Home Insurance does allow you to insure your static caravan as your permanent residence, you can find out more by visiting our Park Home page.

Can I insure my static caravan to cover flooding?

Safeguard provide flood cover for static caravans in certain areas within the UK. Restrictions will apply within the first seven days of commencement of your policy.

Can I insure my static caravan for holiday rentals?

Safeguard Static Caravan Insurance provides hire and reward cover with different options available and some endorsements may apply dependant on level of cover selected. For example, if you rent out your caravan for an income and it becomes uninhabitable, you’re covered for loss of rent through your Safeguard policy.

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